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Transfer Operations

This endpoint provides transfer functionality, facilitating the transfer of assets from one blockchain address to another by means of a cryptographically signed transaction.

To provide flexibility to developers, the Blockchain API presents two methods; one for creating a signed transfer, and the other for submitting it to the selected blockchain.

Method 1. transfers/create-signed

transfers/create-signed, takes transfer details and your private key and returns a signed transfer object suitable for use with transfers/submitTransfer.

This is ideal to get a quick feel for the API's utility during initial development.

Method 2. transfers/submitTransfer

transfers/submitTransfer submits a a signed transaction object to the specified blockchain1.

This signed transaction object could be created using transfers/create-signed or by other means.

  1. The blockchains supported are Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) and DCore (DCT)