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Addresses Endpoint

This endpoint provides address related methods.

An address is a unique key that references a specific ledger on a given blockchain. Secured using Private Key Infrastructure, the address's private key is used for signing transactions registered on the target blockchain.

Each blockchain hosts multiple addresses which are unique to that blockchain and you may hold keys to multiple addresses.

This endpoint provides the three methods:

Method 1. addresses/addAddress

addresses/addAddress creates a new address on the target blockchain and is invoked slightly differently depending on which blockchain you are using1.

Method 2. addresses/getAddressFromPublic

addresses/getAddressFromPublic seeks an address linked to the provided public key. The address retrieved can be used with transfer and history methods.

Method 3. addresses/findLatestTransfers

addresses/findLatestTransfers returns a list of transfers linked to the address provided in the address path.

  1. The blockchains supported are Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) and DCore (DCT)