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Blockchain API Technical Details


This section briefly describes the information provided to Blockchain API users.

API Address/URL

This documentation describes the operations supported at the following addresses:

Security Model

API authentication is by means of an API Key using the HTTP Header Parameter, x-api-key.

  • Security scheme type is: API Key
  • Header parameter name: x-api-key

The x-api-key header, complete with API Key must be included with every request made to an API endpoint.

Please consult the page, Authentication and API Keys for information concerning obtaining a Blockchain API key.


Method Name Address
POST /addresses addAddress
GET /addresses getAddressFromPublic
GET /addresses/{address}/history findLatestTransfers{address}/history
POST /transfers/create-signed createTransfer
POST /transfers/submit submitTransfer


Using cURL as an implementation language, examples are given for each of the endpoints, for each of the blockchains supported:1

Object Definitions

This section describes the JSON objects that are used by the API, including blockchain specific variants.

OpenAPI Specification

The OpenAPI specification can be found here.

Responses and Error Codes

Each endpoint method description includes a list of the expected responses, with object defnitions amd examples where applicable, as well as the possible error codes that might also be returned.

These error codes are also described in greater detail in the Error Codes section.

  1. The blockchains supported are Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) and DCore (DCT)